Understanding how regulations and standards fit together is a challenge for businesses and for law enforcement alike.

The opportunities created by the development and integration of technology and systems means that any reference to CCTV already describes yesterday’s systems. 

The term CCTV originated when such systems worked on a closed circuit (as opposed to broadcast television which everyone could receive). These days most “CCTV” systems are in fact connected to networks and whilst still popular the term is no longer accurate. Industry standards often use the term video surveillance system in preference to CCTV. Alternatively, the term surveillance camera system describes the cameras which capture images and all the related hardware and software for transmitting, processing and storing the images and associated data which is captured. 
The opportunities created by innovation and integration within surveillance camera systems are also likely to mean further development of the relevant regulations.

  • Advice on Data Protection Impact Assessment requirements

  •  Advice on relevant standards and certification against them

  • Training about the effective and ethical deployment of surveillance cameras

  • Strategic advice on the regulation of surveillance camera systems

  • Project management for the definition of surveillance camera requirements

  • Expert knowledge of regulatory requirements and issues

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