Alastair Thomas​​


Alastair Thomas has extensive experience in the development of national policy and strategy for the regulation for surveillance cameras. 

  • Worked within UK government, with the relevant regulatory bodies, with law enforcement agencies and with the security industry.

  • Represented the UK government at major conferences, presenting on the regulation of surveillance.

  • Advised foreign governments and law enforcement agencies about the challenges of regulating public surveillance, and the importance of constantly striving for the balance between public safety and public confidence.

  • Lead author of the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice issued by the Home Secretary and approved by Parliament under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012.  This code of practice was developed around a set of 12 guiding principles for regulation which provide much needed coherence for camera operators and their suppliers and contractors in a fast moving and politically sensitive area of policy.

  • Provision of advice to the Surveillance Camera Commissioner on policy issues, and strategy development manager for his National Surveillance Camera Strategy for England and Wales published in March 2017.

  • Working with the British Security Industry Association, co-authored and managed development of the Surveillance Camera Commissioners’ Buyer Toolkit. This is an online resource targeted at small and medium enterprises that are thinking about using surveillance cameras, yet as non-experts want to figure out the best solution before they proceed and invest their time and money. This was launched in May 2018.

  • Working to update and harmonise other guidance issued by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner to cover latest developments in data protection legislation and cyber security issues.